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To Journey to Fairyland
Joannda Riche

You must believe with all your heart and soul.
Let no man tell you otherwise,
Or fill your head with darkened lies.

The way to get there is many in choice,
But a good first step is the inner voice.
By air, or water, by earth or fire,
Fairyland is your hearts desire.

There you are free, all you can be,
And everything is real.
You could sit for a while ,
Upon a sundial,

And chase the rays of the light,
You could float on the air,
Without any care,
Or fly with butterfly wings.
Buzz with the bees, and fly through the trees,
Float down with the falling leaves.

You could go on a boat,
Through sparkling waters,
Made out of the shell of a tortoise.
Sit in the ring where the fairies all sing,
Drink, dance, fairy fling.
Diddle on the fiddle, play fairy in the middle,
Sparkle, shine, drink buttercup wine.
T’is not far, you must believe,
Just follow the voice from within.

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